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    Mike Tyson falls off his hoverboard

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    Dry Ice Hoverboard (D.I.Y. REAL Hoverboard)

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    6 Cool New Technologies and Inventions 2015

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  • The Amazon Echo gains MLB Gameday Audio just in time for the World Series
    Posted by Matt Burns on 24.10.2016 at 23:06

     The MLB just made it a bit easier to listen to the Indians destroy the Cubs during the World Series. After enabling the skill, subscribers to MLB products just need to tell an Echo to ask MLB to play the Indians. And like that, the Echo turns into your personal Bob Uecker, streaming the play-by-play directly into your room. The app will work the same way during the next season, a MLB… Read Mor […]

  • Twitter decides to release earnings while most of us are sleeping because reasons
    Posted by Matthew Lynley on 24.10.2016 at 21:36

     A lot of the industry watchers that follow Twitter are out here on the West Coast, where the company is based. And for good reason! The Twitter diaspora exists in a large force out here and are great to keep in touch with in order to keep context, and it’s important to be in general geographic proximity of the company’s headquarters. Which is part of the reason we’re… Read Mor […]

  • Here’s what you can do with the crazy new Portrait mode for the iPhone 7 Plus
    Posted by Yashad Kulkarni,Romain Dillet on 24.10.2016 at 16:59

     Apple has just released iOS 10.1 with a Portrait mode for the iPhone 7 Plus. This feature takes advantage of the two lenses to generate background blur and make your photos look more like photos coming from a DSLR camera. While the feature is still in beta even after the release of iOS 10.1, it already works quite well. Our own Yashad Kulkarni (Romain is writing this) has been playing with… Read Mor […]

  • Apple releases iOS 10.1 with the iPhone 7 Plus’ Portrait mode
    Posted by Romain Dillet on 24.10.2016 at 16:59

     Apple has just released the first significant update for iOS 10. As expected, the main focus of iOS 10.1 is that insane Portrait mode for the iPhone 7 Plus. The update is rolling out and is available both over-the-air in the Settings app, and by plugging your device into iTunes for a wired update. If you have an iPhone 7 Plus and can’t wait, navigate to ‘Settings,’ then… Read Mor […]